podcast 4-20… When are texts public or private? Legalize marijuana? and more


A good discussion on the new technology and how it affects public officials and government.

Podcast 4-16.. The mayor is for bodycams, mental health in prison, and more


I recap what the mayor told me and our audience yesterday at " Tom Becka Live" plus my recipe for disaster.

Podcast 4-15 TAX DAY!!! and another police camera exonerates an officer.


We need a fair tax system. We need body cams for police.

4-14 Lawrence Philips, Police Quotas, and New York City!


I talk about my trip to NY, the tragedy of Lawrence Philips, and how body cams for police work!

4-9 UNO! The Mayor is Realistic. And Cameras for the Police.


The Mayor is Right When it Comes to Licenses for Dreamers and One Bad Cop Don't Spoil The Whole Bunch.

4-8 The Gay Teacher at the Catholic School.. and Cutbacks at Millard Public schools.


A gay teacher is told his contract won't be renewed and a major petition is presented on Change.org

4-7 License the Dreamers, Charter Schools, and more.


I elaborate on my comments last night during the Fox 42 News.

Bouncing Back From The Very Bottom


She was a prostitute that was arrested 87 times. She is now clean, sober, and hopeful.

4-2 gas tax and drunk driving


Should teachers with 3 DUI convictions be hired in the first place? Do we need to raise our gas taxes?

4-1 My solution to the Ernie problem, Charter Schools and more.


Could Charter Schools have prevented the shooting at North High the other day?

3-31 Podcast Nebraska is wrong. Giving kids hope.


The latest on my new job at Fox 42 and thoughts on Ne lawsuit against Colo and giving kids hope.

3-30 UNO hockey, The death penalty, Indiana’s new law, and really good people.


I congratulate UNO on the Frozen 4. Talk about Ne. Death Penalty debate and much more.

General Donald Bacon


After announcing his candidacy for Congress I sat down with the General to find out what he's all about.

3-27 More on Ernie, Harry Reid is gone, and Sunday Funday


A brief comment on Ernie, Harry Reid is gone, and a great event planned for Sunday to help out a great woman.

3-26 My final thoughts on Ernie Chambers


In the past I have defended Ernie Chambers. But no more.

3-25 More transparency in police shootings? And medicinal marijuana facts.


Two secret hearings and a police resignation and misleading information in the Unicameral

3-24-15 Meca, Huffing, Helmets, and David Crosby


David Crosby may have been in the perfect California accident, Ted Cruz's wife, MECA, motorcycle helmets and more.

What’s Next For Me?


I may have a face for radio but Fox 42 is more concerned with my views. Listen to what's next.

What’s Next for Me?


My hiatus is over. It's time to get to work. I no longer have a face for radio but for TV too.

What’s the reality of Workman’s Comp Lawsuits?


Jeff Putnam deals in workman's comp cases. A form of law that sometimes gets a bad rap. He explains what it really is.

3-8 Unicameral Hearings and Loyalty Pledges


I've been busy at WLS and haven't done a podcast for a few days but today's is a good one.

3-4 Drivers Licenses for illegals and Politics gone wild


Should Nebraska become the 50th state to allow illegals drivers licenses?

3-1 Is it really net neutral? 2 parties fighting


If the internet is supposed to be open why didn't the FCC release the entire document on net neutrality?

2-26 Podcast… Cameras for Police, State of the City, and Bogus Politics


Why police need to be wearing cameras. The State of the City, and Hey Republicans go after Brad Ashford for real things.

2-25 Podcast.. Rebutting Stupid Facebook Comments on KXL


After I complained on FB about Obama not signing the KXL bill I respond to some of the stupid comments people posted.

Tom Becka Live! Friday March 27th at O’Connor’s pub in the Old Mkt.


Tickets are $10. Click the DONATE link on the right to reserve your seat.

2-28… The Unicameral pisses me off…


Charter schools don't get out of committee and winner takes all gains momentum is really pissing me off.

2-23 Oscars, Measles, and Fighting


A very brief recap of the Oscars and details for the next "Tom Becka Live" event.

2-22 Podcast Malcom X, Glen Campbell, Police and Fire


Omaha should do more to honor Malcom X, Glen Campbell Alzheimer's disease, and police and fire in Florida rise to the occasion.

2-19-15 Gay Marriage, Isis, HS Wrestling, and Cigar Bars


I have tied Gay marriage, Isis,HS wrestling and Cigar Bars into a common theme. Give it a listen.

12-18 Charter Schools and Minority Contracts.


While some complain about how few minority contracts are being issued by the city I believe better schools might help alleviate that.

2-17-2015 Keystone Pipeline, Voter ID and other issues


Trains are no safer than the Keystone Pipeline... Why I'm OK with voter ID... and more...

2-16 SNL,President’s Day, and Ebola.


Talk about last nights SNL special, why would anyone want to be President, and the new Ebola visitor.

2-15 My time on SNL


In honor of the 40th Anniversary of SNL I talk about the SNL alums I've met and worked with and how I wound up onstage.

2/12/ How to fight Isis & the drag queen hate crime


As the President asks Congress for military powers against ISIS how does the average American feel about it?

For a Drag Queen its all about the Entertainment

Episode 107

With the trial involving the alleged hate crime against a drag queen in the old market I thought I'd revisit this interview from a year ago.

2/11 Podcast Bruning, Huskers, Williams and Stewart


Will the Feds investigate Jon Bruning? Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, and the Huskers move too.

Podcast 2-10 Why police should wear cameras


All Omaha police should wear cameras to protect themselves from false claims

2/9 podcast… Why not try new things?


New research on why we need to allow Charter schools and Medicinal Marijuana to Nebraska

Feb 8th… Brian Williams…


What really brought Brian Williams down weren't the lies... but this.....

Ne.’s AG says why he’s against legalizing medical marijuana


AG Doug Peterson and I get into a discussion about the pros and cons regarding the lawsuit against Colo and medicinal marijuana

Podcast 2/04/12 My shades of Gray


When life doesn't always fit into your political philosophy

1/30/2015 Medicinal Marijuana Podcast


A family talks about how medicinal marijuana could improve the life of their son.

Podcast 1-29 Firefighters, First amendment, and gay marriage.


Info on "Tom Becka Live" and ice jams, court cases, and chile.

Jan 28 Ricketts, McPhersen, and Omaha violence


Pat McPhersen got bad advice, Gov paying for his help, and the police shooting.

Podcast 1/27 Snowstorms, Cable, and Bars


The media frenzy over the east coast storm... Cox is raising their rates... and 24 hour bars???

Podcast 1/26


I talk about the weekend shootings and the folly of the Omaha City Council.

Jan 24-25 Podcast


Comments on the violence in North Omaha last Friday night and a report on the press conf the Chief held.

Jan 23 2015


The latest on medicinal marijuana, the state of the state, and deflate gate.

Jan 22 2015


Medicinal Marijuana is an idea who's time has come and measles hits Nebraska.

Free Community College and Too Many Laws


The latest on the next "Tom Becka Live" event and my thoughts on SOTU

A Soldier Fights a New Battle

Episode 100

Ben is a brave man, not only for his military service, but also for the fact that he's willing to come on this interview.

Living with Aspergers

Episode 111

If you ever see Dean on the street, you may just ignore him,Dean has Asperger's

Orange Was Her New Reality Part 2

Episode 140

In Part 2 she talks about how difficult it is to work your way back into society.

Don’t Call Her An Artist

Episode 138

She draws wonderful drawings but she's not that pretentious.

Getting Ahead In Your Career

Episode 137

Jeff is an author, motivational speaker and sales guru. He'll help you no matter what line of work you're in.

Suburban Internet Sex Worker

Episode 136

A suburban housewife makes her living doing internet sex shows

Loving Their Musical Life

Episode 135

Mel and Jerry are lounge singers that love what they do

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Episode 134

A student of yoga and meditation spreads the gospel

Using Photography for Good

Episode 133

Two women working to improve the lives of breast cancer survivors

Custer and the History of the Plains

Episode 132

Jeff travels the midwest to study the history of the prairie forts

Trying To Get It All Back

Episode 130

Drugs and alcohol ruined his life. He's now trying to get back on track

She Rescues Animals

Episode 131

She's an animal rescuer and really loves her dachshunds

Viet Nam Vet

Episode 115

Dennis is revisiting the jungle he left years ago

The Book Of Jerusha

Episode 128

A man writes a fictional book about his spiritual quest

Visiting Syria

Episode 127

Julie is a woman of faith who visits places most of us only hear about in the news.

She Loved the Green Bay Packers

Episode 126

She was a football groupie before they were called football groupies.

Art for Society’s Sake

Episode 125

Can art help revitalize a neighborhood? Watie White is taking his talents and hoping to reinstall pride in run down neighborhoods.

Orange Was Her New Reality Part 1

Episode 139

A woman opens up about how her addiction led her to prison. And how she came back

Teaching In The Inner City

Episode 123

James Crotty writes on education for Forbes magazine. He uses debate to motivate inner city youth.

Busting Bad Guys

Episode 122

What's it like to be an undercover cop? Mark Langan talks about it and his book "Busting Bad Guys"

Getting Sleepy A Hypnotist story

Episode 121

Rick Bultez is a hypnotist and talks about what hypnosis can and can not do.

A Musician with a Mission

Episode 120

Lash LaRue was a musician living a musicians lifestyle till he found there was a lot more to life.

What is the Appeal of Bodybuilding?

Episode 119

If you think all bodybuilders are narcissistic meat heads think again. Matt explains why he competes.

She’s a Nurse and a Lawyer

Episode 118

It sounds like a TV show, it's not. She has combined 2 stressful jobs to help others.

Openly Bipolar

Episode 117

Kaylee talks honestly and openly about what it means to be bipolar.

Hurray for Hollywood

Episode 116

Bruce Crawford has taken his passion for film and made it his career

Why Would Anybody Want a Tattoo?

Episode 114

What's the appeal of tattoos? An artist tells.

Living With Death

Episode 113

Jim had pancreatic cancer and knew he was going to die. Hear his inspirational thoughts on life and death.

The Dreams of a Dancer

Episode 112

A woman works hard to develop a ballet dance troupe.

Children’s books and hardened criminals.

Episode 110

A very talented illustrator, he's also taking his talents and going into prisons and teaching art to young men behind bars.

Three’s not a crowd. Living a Polyamourous life.

Episode 108

It's a relationship with the one couple and... others, all in a happy unity but not quite the same as polygamy either.

Shes an intuitive life coach!

Episode 106

She's an intuitive and a life coach - the most upbeat, lively and energetic interview that I've done so far!

A mother accidentally finds her adoptive son.

Episode 105

She knew this young man before she knew that she was his biological mother, a fascinating story!

A Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse Speaks Out

Episode 104

What she had to overcome, how she dealt with it, who she told, who she didn't tell, and all of the emotions that came with it.

The Groupie Next Door

Episode 103

Yeah, if they were hair band in the '80's, a good chance Rita Rae "knew" at least one of the members of the band.

Surviving Breast Cancer

Episode 102

It’s a story of hope. It’s a story of success. It’s a story of overcoming breast cancer.

Gang Banger Tries To Go Straight

Episode 101

Ollie Perryman was recruited into the Crips by Tookie Williams, the founder of the Crips, and he spent most of life behind bars.